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“Make Sure Your Patio is a Space You Love Coming Home To - With OutDoor-Fx's Award Winning Team”

Columbus Paver PatiosOutDoor-FX provides over 20 years of outdoor design and build expertise, a wide range of paver and brick patio products and hardscaping applications for transforming your patio into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Welcome to your new outdoor living space!

Unwind after a long day’s work and relax in your new and luxurious outdoor living space! With OutDoor-FX, you can transform your current patio or outdoor area into a new and elegant outdoor space that you’ll look forward to coming home to!

Turning your exterior space into an outdoor living area

You can expect OutDoor-FX to turn your patio into a private outdoor retreat with excellent design and workmanship, and with durable and beautiful patio building products. You will be working one-on-one with an experienced OutDoor-FX Designer who will make sure your new space is exquisitely designed and detailed.

You will be able to view your patio’s new look in advance with OutDoor-FX’s custom CAD design software. This approach to outdoor design allows Columbus homeowners like you to incorporate design options and elements for your new patio. You can add patio features like outdoor lighting systems and fireplaces, to extend the use of your patio from daytime into the quiet hours of the evening.

High-quality materials for beauty and long-lasting use

Brick and paver blocks are two of the most beautiful and durable hardscaping products for patio construction. Brick gives your outdoor living space a traditional and authentic feel.  You can use brick for a wide variety of applications like patio lamp posts, sitting walls, garden retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and other landscaping solutions.

Paver blocks, on the other hand, can be functional and decorative. They are best for paver patio areas like patio steps, walkways, pool decks and driveways. Using a combination of brick patios and paver blocks will result in a unique and beautiful outdoor living space.

High quality outdoor living design

When your patio is designed and built right, your new outdoor living space will transform the way you can enjoy your time with family and friends. OutDoor-FX is one of the leading outdoor design and build experts in Columbus, Ohio, so you can expect high quality work from experienced and award-winning installation experts who will treat your project like it’s about to be featured in a design magazine.

  • Remember: Brick and paver blocks make appear the same, but have different design and structural functions.
    Trust your outdoor design and build expert to combine and fit these materials into a beautiful new outdoor living space.

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