Retaining Walls Columbus Ohio

“Trust your outdoor living space to Columbus’ award-winning design and build team”

Retaining WallsOutDoor-FX provides a complete line of outdoor living space services – award-winning design ideas, high quality kits and products, and skilled and experienced professionals you can trust to transform your exterior area into a breathtaking and beautiful new outdoor living space.

The key to a beautiful outdoor living space and landscape is creating a balance of space, depth and texture, and the right choice of plants and greenery. With its innovative approach to outdoor space design and installation, OutDoor-FX can give you the perfect outdoor getaway for rest and relaxation – right in the comfort of your home.

Your Columbus landscape design specialist

As one of the leading design and build companies in Columbus, Ohio, OutDoor-FX is known for its award-winning landscape designs. Its past design work for satisfied Columbus clients have been featured in notable design catalogs and magazines like the Unilock Design Catalog and City Scene Magazine.

You too, can expect OutDoor to treat your project like it’s about to be published in a design magazine – using the best products and award-winning design and workmanship!

Design possibilities for a unique and breath-taking landscape

Landscaped gardens create a whole new vista of beauty and comfort. Adding a landscape feature such as a retaining wall can give your outdoor space a more pleasing view for you to enjoy. Retaining walls can be designed to dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your landscape.

If you’re worried about your current space – don’t be. Adding retaining walls optimizes your current exterior space by creating tiers or levels where you can plant your favorite flowers. OutDoor-FX provides retaining wall designs and installation services for accentuating your landscape by:

  • Creating retaining wall that holds a raised garden or in-wall planter.
  • Installing a terraced retaining wall so you can plant different varieties of flowers and greenery on different levels.
  • Emphasizing your space and pathways with retaining can run straight or curve along your landscape contours to create a seamless transition from your hardscape into your landscape.
  • Using a wide variety of retaining wall block material like natural stone, brick or pre-cast interlocking pavers – this will your retaining walls a distinct look and design.
  • Building low retaining walls for multi-use such as a seating wall and a raised garden.
  • Remember: Hire a licensed, bonded and insured landscape contractor with the expertise and experience for building retaining walls.

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Landscape Lighting Columbus Ohio

“Create a Night Time View To Remember - Right in Your Own Yard!”

landscape lightingThe beauty of installing landscape lighting is in the way it highlights key features of your home and landscaping, and creates a breathtaking nighttime view. Discover the dramatic transformation your home will receive from the landscape lighting design team of OutDoor-FX.

The landscape lighting expert for your outdoor living spaces

OutDoor-FX is one of the leading outdoor living design and build companies in Columbus Ohio. With over 20 years of landscape lighting expertise, you can trust OutDoor-FX to complete your project as if it’s about to be featured in a design magazine!

This means that you can expect precision work, attention to detail, the best lighting products and trustworthy proven installation service for your landscape lighting.

Your landscape lighting essentials

Trust OutDoor-FX to provide you with trusted, reliable landscape service. The company designs and installs landscape lighting for residential outdoor living spaces, commercial outdoor gardens and other outdoor applications.

You can find a complete line of landscape lighting products and installation services to satisfy your residential or commercial landscape lighting needs. OutDoor-FX provides:

  1. Landscape lighting design and installation to highlight your outdoor living space’s garden features such as trees, garden pools or ponds, or waterfalls.
  2. Landscape lighting for creating ambient lighting and a warm, welcoming outdoor atmosphere where you can enjoy evenings with family and friends.
  3. Landscape lighting to create a dramatic and delightful play of light and shadows to give your outdoor living space a unique quality and beauty you can enjoy at night.
  4. Landscape lighting applications that illuminate paths, walkways, steps, driveways and other hardscape surfaces for safe nighttime use.
  5. Landscape lighting with residential and commercial security applications to make your outdoor living spaces safe and sound.

OutDoor-FX provides award-winning landscape products and services for improving your outdoor living space and giving you a breathtaking night time view with an expertly designed and installed landscape lighting system.

  • Remember: Quality landscaping lighting design is about using the proper lighting system. Ask your OutDoor-FX Designer how high voltage, low voltage or solar lighting applications can enhance your outdoor living space’s breathtaking night time view.

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Landscape Design Columbus Ohio

“Let Columbus’ award-winning landscape design team build your outdoor living space”

OutDoor-FX provides landscape design expertise and solutions to create beautiful and seamless transitions from hardscape settings to your gardens for both residential and commercial outdoor living space applications.

Creating warm and breathtaking outdoor living spaces

landscapeOutdoor living spaces are popular not just as private havens for relaxation in homes and residential spaces, but for beautifying business front spaces and landscapes, as well as outdoor areas of commercial and industrial complexes.

When choosing a contractor for your project, it’s important to get a landscape design specialist with extensive expertise and experience. OutDoor-FX will provide you with award-winning landscape design so you can enjoy a beautiful and pleasing outdoor backdrop.

Completing your outdoor living space with quality landscape design

OutDoor-FX will provide you with award-winning landscape design expertise to create and complete a beautiful outdoor living space for your home or business. Each project that OutDoor-FX works on is treated like it is being readied for featuring in a design catalog or magazine – this means you’ll get great landscape design and excellent workmanship.

It’s no coincidence that OutDoor-FX has been awarded and featured by notable design catalogs and magazines like the Unilock Design Catalog and City Scene Magazine. With OutDoor-FX, you can be confident of getting the excellent service and total satisfaction, and a great landscape design you can take pride in.

One-on-one attention from YOUR OutDoor-FX Designer

OutDoor-FX is highly qualified and experienced to execute from a wide variety of landscape designs. You can go traditional by using a lot of trees, seasonal plants and greenery. Or, you can choose a modern landscape design that emphasizes a balance between greenery and open space.

You can take inspiration from many well-known landscape designs into your own design, such as Japanese garden design, French landscape, English garden, Persian garden style, or even tropical or geometric landscape design styles.

You may also add or integrate specific landscape design features like specific types of greenery and trees to give your landscape seasonal color and mixed textures. You may also add retaining wall construction and stone and water features to add interest points in your garden.

OutDoor-FX emphasizes adding your personal and original touch and uses  customer CAD design software to show you how your new outdoor space will look before work gets started. You can be confident of the work that OutDoor-FX will do for you. Your outdoor living space may be the next design that’s going to be published!

  • REMEMBER: Selecting the right greenery for your garden is important. Choose the landscape design team that knows which varieties will add color and texture, and will bloom and thrive in your outdoor living space.

Landscape Management Columbus Ohio

“Have OutDoor-FX look after all your landscape management needs today”

landscape managementOutDoor-FX provides a complete line of landscape management programs and services for the proper care and nurturing of your residential or commercial landscapes, gardens and outdoor living spaces.

The landscape management contractor for your outdoor living needs

OutDoor-FX provides a complete line of landscape management services for the care of your outdoor living spaces. Your landscape and garden will get the attention it needs from an award-winning team of professionals who will finish the work like it’s about to be featured for publication.

This means you can expect OutDoor-FX to provide you with the highest quality products and landscape management solutions for all your needs and requirements.

Providing the care and maintenance you require

With over 20 years of successful landscape management, OutDoor-FX will give you reliable and trustworthy service that you require.  OutDoor-FX provides a wide range of landscape management programs, covering:

  • Tree and Shrub Care and Maintenance programs.
  • Pond and Fountain Treatment and Maintenance programs.
  • Snow, Frost and Ice Control programs.
  • Hardscape and Paver Rehabilitation and Preservation programs.

OutDoor-FX fields a team of highly trained licensed, bonded and insured landscape professionals experienced in a wide range of landscape services. OutDoor-FX provides mowing, weeding, mulching and fertilizing services, as well as stone and water feature cleaning and repair, landscape maintenance, irrigation solutions, snow removal and more!

You can also find wide array of other services from OutDoor-FX such as hardscape design and installation, and maintenance. OutDoor-FX also provides landscape lighting and offers construction services for your landscape design needs and requirements.

  • Remember: Get a contractor that does both detail and major landscape work. A reliable landscape management company won’t bother about how big, or small, the job is – it’s the high quality results you expect and your total satisfaction that count.

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