Composite Fence Columbus Ohio

Add Beauty and Value with a Low-Maintenance Composite Fence

Columbus Ohio Composite FenceA composite fence is a great way to add beauty to your yard or commercial land in Columbus, OH. You experience low maintenance benefits, as well as a long life span. Composite fence will not warp, split, crack, or peel and does not rot or suffer from insect damage. It can be a great addition to your home or building and can also provide as a security or privacy fence.

Composite Fence Provides You Dependability and Durability

Composite fence has the capability of providing the look of natural wood and is also available in various colors to suit your needs. Since there is no painting needed, the color will last year after year without the hassles of cracking or peeling. You not only receive a low maintenance fence, but also a dependable fence that will look great all the time!

A composite fence installed by Elite Fencing provides you benefits, including:

  • No painting, staining, or sealing needed
  • No splitting, warping, or cracking
  • No insect damage or splinters
  • Will not squeak or rattle
  • Dependable and  long lasting year after year
  • Minimal fading with UV-inhibiting pigments
  • Saves money over the years with dependability and low maintenance
  • Increases home or land value

Obtain Versatility and Style with Composite Fence

When having composite fence supplied and installed by Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, you experience a fast, efficient installation that looks great in the end and is adaptable to whatever you need. You can have as many gates as needed and choose from different colors and styles to suit your needs. Composite fence can provide the privacy you need or serve well as a containment area for pets. It can also be great for landscaping and marking the property lines.

With composite fence installed by Elite Fencing, you receive:

  • Properly installed fencing that is dependable and self-maintains its image for years
  • Quick installation with no mess left behind
  • A quieter fence that does not squeak or rattle
  • Gates installed based on your needs
  • The look of natural wood or the color you desire
  • The style you desire

Get the Fence You Desire for Your Columbus, OH Property

Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH can help you decide on your fence or provide you with more information. Choose from several styles and colors that blend well with your property and/or visual needs. Make your home more welcoming or perhaps add some privacy. For commercial properties, add value and welcoming appeal. No matter what you need, Elite Fencing is here to help and will ensure the job gets done properly.

Aluminum Fence Columbus Ohio

Increase Visual Appeal with Aluminum Fence and Get That Wrought Iron Look in Your Columbus, OH Home

Columbus Ohio Aluminum Fence An aluminum fence can be a great way to stand out and add that unique, amazing touch to your property. In fact, Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH offers you aluminum fence with that wrought iron look. You can save tons of money while imitating the genuine appearance of wrought iron.

Save Money and Reduce Maintenance Work

Why bother with rust and routine paint work when you can have an aluminum fence that looks identical to wrought iron? You will experience minimal maintenance and the elimination of painting. In addition, the structure and design of aluminum fence carries bend strength similarities to wrought iron and steel fences. Enjoy saving a good amount of money and obtaining the wrought iron look without the high prices or routine maintenance.

The benefits of aluminum fence installations from Elite Fencing include:

  • The real look of wrought iron fence at a fraction of the cost
  • Strength and durability comparable to wrought iron fencing
  • Multiple uses for commercial and residential applications
  • An open feeling to the fenced area
  • Low maintenance and high durability
  • Blending well with the surroundings
  • Increased value and appeal of the home or building

Select an Aluminum Fence Style to Suit Your Needs

If you need perimeter security, aluminum fence with the wrought iron look is a great, affordable option. It can provide many different levels of security with the different styles available. If you need increased visual appeal, aluminum fence with the wrought iron look can increase the overall value of your property while enhancing the beauty of your home or commercial building.

Choosing the fence height, the picket spacing, and the style of fence can provide the visual appeal or level of security you desire. It just depends on your particular needs. Elite fencing can help you decide or provide you with more information.

Enjoy the Benefits You Receive with Aluminum Fencing

Our aluminum fence options provide you durability, elegance, beauty, strength, stability, and style. No matter what you need fencing for in Columbus, OH, Elite Fencing can help. You will benefit from less maintenance, a lifetime warranty on the finish, the strength and elegance of wrought iron, and superior ornamental design with our aluminum fence products.

Wood Fence Columbus Ohio

Add Natural Wood Fence Beauty to Your Property in Columbus, OH

Columbus Ohio Wood Fence

Wood fences are traditional and have been used for many years my many homeowners. Depending on what you are looking for, you can pick from picket fences, privacy fences, decorative fences, and fences of various heights. You may desire the beauty of cedar wood or perhaps like the more common look of pine. If you are looking for a more affordable wood fence, you can have untreated wood fencing installed. No matter what type you desire, wood fencing enhances any property, which is why it is a very popular choice.

Experience Quality Installations and Professional Results

When it comes to a wood fence, you have many options. You can choose the supplier of the fence, as well as the installer. To save time and money, you can combine the two and receive quality service and professionalism from Elite Fencing. You will have the satisfaction of superior results and an installation completed by a company with a great reputation.

Elite Fencing installs various wood fences, including:

  • Cedar Wood Fence
  • Pressure Treated Pine Wood Fence
  • Untreated Pine Wood Fence

Explore Wood Fence Types and Get What You Need for Your Home

With so many choices in types of wood fencing, you can surely have the outdoor beauty you desire. Selection includes picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, ornamental fences, and many other types. With Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, you can achieve wonderful landscape additions, gorgeous containment areas, visually appealing property lines, relaxing security enhancements, and even comfortable privacy areas.

Elite Fencing installs various wood fence types, including:

  • Wooden Privacy Fences
  • Wooden Semi-Privacy fences
  • Wooden Picket Fences
  • Wooden Ornamental Fences
  • Wooden Rail Fences
  • Wooden Containment Fences

Choose From Tons of Wood Fence Styles and Add the Beauty of Natural Wood

Wood fence selections are available in many different styles to suit your needs and desires.  You can pick from fence panels that have pointed top pickets or pickets with rounded tops. Aside from that, pickets are also available with designer tops and have different shapes or carvings. Posts and Trims also come in different types that include lattice tops, scalloped tops, gothic tops, rounded tops, dog-ear tops, and much more. You will certainly find the design style you are looking for when choosing Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH.

Vinyl Fence Columbus Ohio

Add the Beauty of Vinyl Fence to Your Home in Columbus, OH

Columbus Ohio Vinyl FenceVinyl fence is an excellent choice if you are looking for a low maintenance fence that is both attractive and dependable. This particular fence will provide beauty and durability that lasts a very long time. Vinyl fence can withstand heavy weather and since it has no paint, its coloration does not chip, crack or peel like painted fences. Aside from that, you will have a fence that does not warp, rot, or invite insects.

Vinyl fence is very dependable and will reduce the time spent maintaining its beauty. In fact, vinyl fencing is not made from PVC, but made from the same core materials as vinyl siding and vinyl windows. No matter which type of vinyl fence you choose, it will add elegance and beauty to your home with minimal maintenance.

Choose a Vinyl Fence Type that Enhances Your Home

Vinyl fence options are abundant when it comes to selection. You will surely find what you are looking for and add that visual beauty you desire to your home. Fence types include picket, privacy, semi-privacy, split rail, and many others. With Elite Fencing, you can obtain an elegant vinyl fence that works for just about any purpose, including privacy, containment, decoration, landscaping, and more.

Elite Fencing installs all vinyl fence types, including:

  • Vinyl Privacy Fences
  • Vinyl Semi-Privacy fences
  • Vinyl Picket Fences
  • Vinyl Ornamental Fences
  • Vinyl Split Rail Fences
  • Vinyl Containment Fences

Find Your Vinyl Fence Style and Increase Visual Appeal in Your Columbus, OH Home

Vinyl fence is available in different styles to suit just about any need. They come in classic, ornamental, designer, and colored. Some options include fences with standard pickets, designer pickets, and various widths of pickets.  Vinyl fencing also comes in different heights and widths and they have various picket spacing options. You can have the elegance of lattice tops, scalloped tops, rounded tops, flat tops, dog-ear tops, and many other styles when it comes to vinyl fencing. You will definitely find what you desire and have the job installed the right way when choosing Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH.

Let’s Build That Beautiful Fence Together!

Fences Columbus Ohio

Improve Your Outdoor Space with a New Fence

Columbus Ohio FencesYour house is your refuge. To create the ultimate getaway in the comfort of your very own back yard, a lot of homeowners prefer to install a fence around their property. While fences may differ in their types and materials, they all help you accomplish two goals – creating a beautiful outdoor space and providing you with a sense of security and privacy.

Fence Types:

  • Privacy Fence
  • Picket Fence
  • Pool Fence

Moreover, to customize the look of your outdoor space, you can choose a fencing material that will not only fit into your overall outdoor design, but also will not break your budget. Choose from the options below:

Fence materials:

  • Wood Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Aluminium Fencing
  • Composite Fencing

Each one of these types has its own unique advantages, and to decide which one will be the best solution for your particular situation, you need to consult with a professional fence installation provider.

Outdoor-FX has been in the home and outdoor living improvement business for several years. It has always been our top priority to provide our customers with services of the highest level. Therefore, to ensure that we can devote our entire attention to your fencing project, we have launched a daughter company, Elite Fence, that will take care of all of your fencing needs.

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