Patio Deck Columbus Ohio

Find Out If a 'Patio' or a 'Deck' Is the Best Solution for Your Situation

Patio DeckA patio or deck can be a great addition to just about any home. Many people talk about a 'patio deck' when in fact these are two different things. So let's discuss the difference so that you can find out which one is right for you.


The word deck comes from the deck of a ship. The dictionary defines it as "a porch that resembles the deck on a ship". Decks are primarily made of wood, vinyl or composite type materials such as the products from TimberTech. The most popular woods are pressure treated pine, cedar and redwood.

Decks may be attached to a house or they can be freestanding. Often they are built on two or more levels and need railings.


The word patio comes from Old Spanish and in the dictionary it is defined as either "An outdoor space for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is often paved" or "A roofless inner courtyard, typically found in Spanish and Spanish-style dwellings".

Patios can be attached to a house or separate. Patios are extremely versatile and can take on just about any shape. They can be built with a variety of different materials including concrete, stamped concrete, stone, pavers, tile, brick, pebbles and rock.

Patios are usually built on a concrete or a sand/ pebble base and as they are built at ground level, they don't normally require safety railings.

When considering to build a patio or a deck you need to consider the following:

  • the terrain
  • the construction material you prefer
  • capacity and use
  • climate - how hot will the surfaces become, rain or snow runoff
  • building codes or restrictions

The team at OutDoor-FX has extensive experience with both Patios and Decks and have created many award winning projects that their clients are delighted with. 

Outdoor Lighting Columbus Ohio

“You Won't Believe The Difference Custom Designed Lighting Will Make to Your Outdoor Area”

outdoor ightingThere’s no better way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space than with a well-designed outdoor lighting installation. Show your outdoor area, fireplace, garden or swimming pool in the best light and enjoy your evenings with exquisite outdoor lighting designs by OutDoor-FX.

Expert outdoor lighting design and installation

Lighting is all about the effect. Outdoor-FX can design and install the perfect landscape lighting plan to answer the unique needs of your property. Your yard will look spectacular into the night.

You have a beautiful outdoor area, wouldn’t you love to prolong your enjoyment of it into the evenings? Outdoor-FX designs outdoor lighting that not only looks spectacular but also lets you pleasantly enjoy your property all night long.

Custom Designed For Comfort and Effectiveness

With comforting path lighting to offer you sure-footed security, you can take relaxing evening strolls. You can stage dramatic focal points with up lighting, shadow lighting or spotlighting. Create a romantic mood when you need it with moonlighting. For outdoor activities like garden parties you need not be limited to afternoons when a combination of patio and deck lights can transform your yard into the perfect nighttime gathering spot.

At Outdoor-FX your outdoor lighting is custom designed to fit the needs of your home, your outdoor landscape and your lifestyle.

We'll take into account things like:

  • What are your practical and aesthetic goals?
  • Will you need patio lighting or deck lighting to extend your enjoyment of those spaces into the evening hours?
  • How much do you entertain outdoors?
  • Do children play in your yard after dark?
  • Do you want to showcase the true colors and textures of your home or would you prefer a warmer or cooler effect?

OutDoor-FX specializes in creating award-winning outdoor living spaces and outdoor lighting systems that highlight the beauty of your landscape and gardens. A team of highly-trained and experienced professionals will work on your project and finish it as if it’s about to be featured in a design magazine. This unique approach ensures that you’ll have high quality ambient and landscape lighting for a pleasing nighttime view and the right illumination for your outdoor kitchen, pool or dining area.

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER: “Less is more.” Over-lighting will spoil your ambiance and landscape design. OutDoor-FX will design your outdoor lighting to create the right mood, highlight and emphasize points of interest in your outdoor living space and garden.


Concrete Patios Columbus Ohio

“See How Concrete Patios Can Provide Versatilty, Durability and Elegance”

Concrete PatiosOutDoor-FX provides high quality concrete patio options and a wide array of stamped patterns and textures, with over 20 years of design expertise and workmanship for results that are beautiful and long-lasting.

Versatility and durability in one building material

Concrete is a great material to use for constructing or remodeling your patio. Concrete’s innate versatility and ability to resemble other construction materials like stone, wood or brick makes it such a popular patio material to use. OutDoor-FX of Columbus can transform your patio into a beautifully-crafted outdoor living space that’s durable and long-lasting with concrete.

Beautiful and elegant concrete patio choices

Compared to other patio building materials, concrete is easier to work with and is surprisingly more affordable. Concrete can come in three distinct types:

1. Concrete tile – An affordable and stylish choice, concrete tile comes in different colors and textures to suit your plan and design. You can find concrete tiles in different shapes to suit your design, from square, rectangle, octagonal and other geometric shapes, and even differently-sized round shapes.

2. Interlocking concrete pavers Made from pre-cast blocks, the construction process for concrete pavers makes it effective in absorbing the stress of daily foot traffic and extreme outdoor conditions without cracking. Recommended for patio pathways, walkways, steps and risers.

3. Stamped concrete patios This concrete patio material is made from poured concrete that is then embossed with a pattern and texture that mimics building materials like brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and even wood. Stamped concrete’s versatility in design makes it hugely popular among many Columbus homeowners and even OutDoor-FX business clients.

The outdoor living space you’ll love coming home to

At OutDoor-FX, you will find many beautiful and engaging concrete patio styles and designs as well as great benefits for your project, like:

  • A wide variety of stamped concrete patio patterns, textures and colors mimicking brick, slate, flagstone, natural stone, cut stone, sandstone and even wood.
  • Durability against outdoor wear, changing weather conditions, and daily foot traffic, and less likely to damage unlike other patio construction materials.
  • Quicker installation turnaround time, lesser payout costs, and requires little to no maintenance.

You will be working with a dedicated OutDoor-FX Designer who will help you with your concrete patio design plans and walk you through our wide array of concrete pattern designs and styles. Experienced OutDoor-FX installation specialists will be working to transform your concrete patio into the living space you’ll enjoy.

Design expertise and qualified experience you can count on

OutDoor-FX is one of Columbus, Ohio’s top-rated outdoor living space design experts. The company is known for its outstanding award-winning design work and has been featured in outdoor design publications such as the City Scene Magazine, as well as in the preeminent Unilock design catalog for 2009-2011. You can trust OutDoor-FX to complete your concrete patio to your total satisfaction.

  • A concrete patio can be misleading – but ONLY in name. Enjoy coordinating your outdoor living space fixture design to your highly versatile and long-lasting new concrete patio.

Paver Patios Columbus Ohio

“Make Sure Your Patio is a Space You Love Coming Home To - With OutDoor-Fx's Award Winning Team”

Columbus Paver PatiosOutDoor-FX provides over 20 years of outdoor design and build expertise, a wide range of paver and brick patio products and hardscaping applications for transforming your patio into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Welcome to your new outdoor living space!

Unwind after a long day’s work and relax in your new and luxurious outdoor living space! With OutDoor-FX, you can transform your current patio or outdoor area into a new and elegant outdoor space that you’ll look forward to coming home to!

Turning your exterior space into an outdoor living area

You can expect OutDoor-FX to turn your patio into a private outdoor retreat with excellent design and workmanship, and with durable and beautiful patio building products. You will be working one-on-one with an experienced OutDoor-FX Designer who will make sure your new space is exquisitely designed and detailed.

You will be able to view your patio’s new look in advance with OutDoor-FX’s custom CAD design software. This approach to outdoor design allows Columbus homeowners like you to incorporate design options and elements for your new patio. You can add patio features like outdoor lighting systems and fireplaces, to extend the use of your patio from daytime into the quiet hours of the evening.

High-quality materials for beauty and long-lasting use

Brick and paver blocks are two of the most beautiful and durable hardscaping products for patio construction. Brick gives your outdoor living space a traditional and authentic feel.  You can use brick for a wide variety of applications like patio lamp posts, sitting walls, garden retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and other landscaping solutions.

Paver blocks, on the other hand, can be functional and decorative. They are best for paver patio areas like patio steps, walkways, pool decks and driveways. Using a combination of brick patios and paver blocks will result in a unique and beautiful outdoor living space.

High quality outdoor living design

When your patio is designed and built right, your new outdoor living space will transform the way you can enjoy your time with family and friends. OutDoor-FX is one of the leading outdoor design and build experts in Columbus, Ohio, so you can expect high quality work from experienced and award-winning installation experts who will treat your project like it’s about to be featured in a design magazine.

  • Remember: Brick and paver blocks make appear the same, but have different design and structural functions.
    Trust your outdoor design and build expert to combine and fit these materials into a beautiful new outdoor living space.

Patios Columbus Ohio

“Your Premier Builder of Beautiful Patios in Columbus”

Columbus Ohio Patios

OutDoor-FX provides a wide range of patio and hardscaping products, and over 20 years of design expertise and experience, to transform your patio into a beautiful & long-lasting outdoor living space.

Transforming your patio into a haven of beauty and relaxation

After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be refreshing to be able to relax in your very own outdoor haven at home? Turn your current patio into an outdoor space where you can recharge and relax! Let OutDoor-FX transform your patio into a new and elegant outdoor space for dining, leisure and entertainment.

Adding style, appeal and taste to your patio

Adding a look and feel that bridges the natural outdoor environment and your home’s design style is important. Here are three main patio types that can really tie things together and give your patio a new appeal, appearance and taste:

1. Brick patios – Brick adds that authentic feel and style to your patio. OutDoor-FX offers a wide range of brick products from a variety of raw materials and top manufacturers. Brick comes in both rectangular shapes, as well as curved or geometric shapes. You can also use brick for your patio light posts, columns, retaining walls and patio steps. Thinking of building an outdoor fireplace in your patio? Brick is the right product for it.

2. Concrete patios Concrete is so versatile and flexible and can be as decorative as it is functional. Concrete patios can be embossed with a variety pattern and texture styles – from brick, flagstone, granite tile and even wood. Thinking of updating your outdoor pool deck? Stamped concrete is your quick and beautiful solution.

3. Paver patios Paver blocks are the most popular patio and hardscaping material for their bond-free construction and beautiful installation patterns. Pavers are rectangular patio building materials that are made from cut stone like granite, sandstone, slate, Belgian block or from pre-cast concrete. You may also use pavers for your patio steps, paths and walkways, as well as driveways.

A cornucopia of patio designs and possibilities

OutDoor-FX has a vast cornucopia of design possibilities for transforming your patio into wonderful new outdoor living spaces. A dedicated OutDoor-FX Designer will be assisting you every step of the way and you will be able to see your patio design in advance with the use of our custom CAD Design software. You can choose from a wide range of fixtures and patio features such as outdoor lighting systems and fireplaces, to extend the use of your patio from daytime and into the quiet hours of your evening.

Your Columbus outdoor design specialist

OutDoor-FX is one of the leading outdoor design and build experts in Columbus and central Ohio. You can be confident in the design and work done to transform your patio into an outdoor venue that’s perfect for dining, relaxation and entertainment. You can count on OutDoor-FX to finish your new patio with the highest quality possible. And when it’s finished, you just might forget for a moment you’re looking at your new patio and not someone elses design to be featured for an outdoor design magazine.

  • Your patio is not just another part of your home’s exterior; it’s an outdoor living space you can escape to for some quiet time, or to entertain family and friends.

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