Exterior Beauty Ideas for Any Season

Written by  | Friday, 27 June 2014 19:02

5452-101413-gs5452If you want to present your home in a new light, there are different things you can do to make a difference. Planning to sell your home might lead you to work on improving your home’s exterior.  After some landscaping for your home, you will enjoy the new exterior, and you can likely get more money out of the home, as well. Sometimes you might put a lot of money into landscaping, but sometimes you can find simple ideas like the following:

Tidy Up Trees & Bushes

Large, unkempt bushes in your yard can make you home messy and neglected. To make your house look great, take time and clear all the bushes that may have overgrown in your yard. If you need the help, you can hire professional landscapers who can clear all the bushes, or you carry out the work by yourself. While pruning the trees, avoid damaging them by using the right tools, particularly hedge trimmers and a chain saw.

Flowers Make an Impression

A home with a lot of flowers will look inviting to all who visit your home. There are different types of flowers that you can plant, but for the best effect, you want to look for those that will do well in certain seasons or find flowers that do well in most seasons. to avoid inconveniences, try to plant the flowers that will do well for the longest period of time.

A Few Other Tips

To really bump up your exterior, you can try installing new windows, painting your exterior in something new, or adding outdoor lighting. To help you get a real vision of what you want, it’s a great idea to hire experts like the team at Outdoor FX in Columbus, OH. Their input can help you see the design at its best and get you what you want.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Written by  | Friday, 20 June 2014 19:51

1786510-cozy-home-fireplace-040214-654When most people think of a fireplace they usually picture it in the living room inside the home. It's uncommon to find someone whose first idea is of an outdoor fireplace. This doesn't mean there aren’t many choices available in regards to outdoor fireplace designs. In fact, there are many, and they can significantly add to the exterior of your home. 

When set up right, they are able to expand the living space of your house, even in the colder months of the year! Many folks find that having an outdoor fireplace adds some relaxation to the lawn they cannot capture any other way.

Check on Regulations

The first thing you should find out the local building codes before you begin the process of adding an outdoor fireplace to your home. Some areas have quite strict codes regarding outside designs, while other areas have codes that are quite lenient. You can request this information from your city and/or county planning and zoning offices for the codes your intended construction must conform to. Most areas also require building permits before any construction can begin in or around the home. Be sure that you apply for and obtain these, or make sure the design/build company you hire has applied for and received all the necessary permits. The last thing you would want is to begin building and have to tear it down or remove it because it does not match with the local code, or stop building because the proper permits were not obtained.


You must determine what type of outdoor fireplace layout suits you and your home. A common choice is flagstone, but that of course is not the only option. Many people decide to construct fireplaces that are not completely included. You might be suited with the brick fire pit as these may also be used for grilling. Fireplaces can also be included as part of a larger patio design, depending on your outdoor design vision.

There are lots of options to choose from when determining your outdoor fireplace options. Let Outdoor-FX of Plain City, Ohio help you make your outdoor design dreams a reality. But as these fireplaces are not a fixture that can be altered readily, make sure your layout will be loved by you for the expected future!

Giving New Life To Your Outdoor Patio

Written by  | Friday, 13 June 2014 19:56

2122346-gazebo-040214-2142When we are thinking of maintaining our houses, often more attention is given to the interior of the home, and the outsidecan get neglected. The neglect results in a dull looking house on the outside, even if the inside may be beautiful. However, it is very important to maintain both the exterior and interior of your home. Weather exposure can cause severe damage to outdoor furniture, fixtures, and structures. For this reason, it is important to give them a new look now and then in order to maintain the overall look of your home. While Outdoor FX can assist with all your outdoor construction and design needs, here are a number of things you as a homeowner can do in order to keep your patio furniture, fixtures, and structures looking its best to go along with that beautiful exterior design.

Clean Up the Surfaces

There are currently a lot of chemicals and furniture cleaners that can be used to clean patio furniture and fixtures. It is very important that you buy the right product for the right surface. There are chemicals that may work on all kinds of surfaces, while others are specialized for wood or metallic surfaces only. Cleaning up the surface is a rigorous exercise but the results can be clearly seen. Not only will your outdoor patio look good, but also brighter.

Paint it up

In addition to cleaning up your exterior furniture and structures, you can try giving it a new look by repainting. Coating items with a brand new coat of your favorite color is a great way to make it look like new. Vinyl or plastic surface paint can work well for outdoor surfaces so long as you follow the directions that are written on the container, but also making sure that you get paint that is designed to be used outdoors. You still must clean up the surfaces before you paint them. In the end, you will have a patio that you will be proud of, and everyone will love to see it.

84-1013tm-cart-electronicsMore often than not, we spend a considerable amount of time trying to spruce up our interiors. But what about the exteriors? Did you know that by changing your outdoor furniture, you can add a subtle grace and panache to your porch and patio? However, don’t waste your hard earned money buying new furniture. All you need to do is wear your thinking cap and make your old furniture work in your favor. Changing the outlook of your exteriors is not that difficult, especially when you follow these simple, effective tips and tricks.

Cleaning is a powerful tool:

Over time, furniture tends to look worn, especially when the surface begins to stain and turn yellow. However, you can actually make the use of some good surface cleaners to make sure that all those nasty stains and yellowing prints are put to rest. Clean each piece of your furniture with the right type of cleaner for the texture and type of furniture. Use an outdoor furniture cleaner for your vinyl, glass, and plastics; for wood, you can use some types of polyurethane strippers.

Preparing the surface so that cleaning becomes easy:

For furniture made out of wood, you would need to prepare the surface by scratching off the old layer of paint. Layer this up with some good coats of primer and then put a fresh coat of paint so that the wooden furniture looks brand new. When you are dealing with metal, you should scratch off the surface with a metal brush and then apply the coat of paint so that the old worn off look is replaced with freshness.

Paint or Stain – choose for your convenience:

Thankfully, these days, the markets are full with different types of paints and stain varieties. Depending upon the type of furniture you are using, you can easily choose between paints, stains, and different vinyl sheets, making your life all the more easier. Try and use a coat of primer before you actually get down to painting the surface as it makes the furniture more durable and will make the paint look nice and bright.

If you want to do more freshening up on your Columbus, Ohio deck or patio, consult with qualified landscaper like Outdoor-FX .

Patio Materials to Suit Your Needs

Written by  | Friday, 30 May 2014 20:32

Whether you are renovating your patio, working on a new patio installation, or adding a second one; you have different choices in material to work with. The three most common options are concrete patios, paver block patios, and decks.

Concrete Patios

A concrete patio can be much more exhilarating than it sounds. Sure…you can have a simple slab thrown down on a foundation to make a patio, but there are many more exciting options available. Concrete can be tinted, stamped, or designed from various materials. Tints can include variations in blue, green, red, yellow, gray, brown, etc. Materials can be standard concrete, commercial grade concrete, high strength concrete, etc.

When it comes to stamped concrete, it can artistically create:

  • Various designs
  • Various patterns and textures
  • Imitations of slate, stone, brick, wood, etc.

Concrete patios can also be constructed of:

  • Tiles: Tile options give you versatility. You can select various shapes like rectangles, octagons, circles, odd shapes, etc.
  • Interlocking pavers: These pavers lock into each other to form stability, as well as add dependability and beauty. They are great for walkways in your patio zone or they often suit patio designs well.

Paver Block Patios

Paver blocks add style to your patio. They can mount tightly together to form a solid-surfaced looking floor. They are available in many colors too and add more flexibility in design. In addition, their small sizes allow for easier curves and tight zones. Beyond those benefits, paver blocks can be used for walls, pillars, etc. so that your patio matches the structured design in the area. So your flower structures, square pillars, patio walls, and possibly benches can all be made of the same pavers that you used on the patio.

Deck Patios

A deck adds a real nice touch to any area, even if it is far away somewhere and designed as a ground deck. No matter, installing a deck as your patio can add elegance and natural beauty to the area. Wood deck materials are available in cedar, redwood, pine, etc. and the pine options can be pressure treated. Basically, all types have their own personal style when it comes to grain and overall appearance. Other deck material options include vinyl and composite. The composite deck components are made from recycled materials and they have various grain designs, colors, and thicknesses. They are easier to maintain and provide long lasting beauty over wood or vinyl. However, wood can add a lot of beauty as long as you maintain it regularly.

Vibrant Backyard Living Areas

Written by  | Friday, 23 May 2014 22:47

For most home owners, upscale backyard living areas are of great significance. It's the one place you can spend much of your free time in, relaxing, carrying out leisure activities or even catching up with family and friends. You can turn your backyard living area into a small haven. There are plenty of ways to do this. 

You can have your backyard designed to give it a more meaningful and functional look. Look for reputable home designers who'll work on your ideas to make them a reality. One of the options you could go with is a luxurious swimming pool. There are plenty of designs to choose from. These include the waterfall and beach designs. They can be created large or small depending on space. 

Upscale backyard living areas require proper planning. Choose accessories that match your lifestyle and enjoy the elegance and style they'll add to the backyard. Start with the lighting. There are quite a number of lighting categories the industry has to offer. Examples include the flood lights which are mounted to light up across a wide area, path lights to light up the backyard paths, back lights and uplights to highlight outdoor features. 

Make an upscale backyard living area by seeking the services of home remodelers. They offer reliable solutions. The backyard can be transformed through various styles including contemporary, mid-century, traditional, modern, transitional, Asian and rustic among others. Each of these designs are unique and go a long way in making your backyard refined and enviable. 

Know the right furniture for your backyard. There's plenty to choose from including lounge chairs, gliders, rocking chairs, dining sets, sofas, barstools, coffee tables and benches. Choose furniture manufactured from all-weather materials for durability. Add warmth to your backyard with a fireplace and a kitchen. They can be designed with exquisite pebble tile surrounds. Enjoy the stunning new look!

How to Keep Your Deck Looking Brand New

Written by  | Friday, 23 May 2014 20:08

If the deck that you had installed on your home is beginning to fade and show signs of aging, then it’s time to perform some routine maintenance. Although many homeowners don’t even think about the issue until they actually see the damage the sun and weather can cause over time, routine maintenance will add years to the life of your deck and keep it looking great.

Deck Cleaning:

It’s important to clean your deck every six months or so, otherwise algae, mold, and stains can set in and become much more difficult to remove as time goes by.

Power Washing:

Using a power washer is an excellent piece of equipment to use for cleaning or stripping old paint from a deck. They offer an assortment of tips that apply to different jobs and are very effective; however, if you choose a tip that is too powerful for the job, you can cause damage to the surface. Use the machine to blast away old paint, dirt, debris, algae, and more. This will leave your deck looking clean and new again, and is essential for prepping the deck for paint or stain.

Deck Staining:

You should apply a good coat of premium quality stain every two years or so, depending on the type of stain you use, and the deck’s exposure to the weather and sun. It may be necessary to sand or strip the deck down with a power washer prior to applying the stain. Applying a high quality stain as needed will protect the wood and add years to the life of your deck.

Deck Painting:

As with deck staining, you want to be assured that all the prep work is completed prior to painting. If you power wash the deck, be sure that you allow enough time for the wood to completely dry before painting. You can rent a paint spray gun from the local hardware store so you don’t have to us the paint brush method, but either method works well.


Keep an eye on the condition of your deck every few months and take action as needed. This will keep it looking new for years, and nobody will know when it was originally installed.

When you are ready for a new deck, find a qualified deck installer like Outdoor-FX in Columbus, Ohio.

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

Written by  | Friday, 16 May 2014 22:40

Having a nice outdoor dining area is a great way to enjoy the warm summer days, but your outdoor space could use a bit of perking up. Luckily, these five tips can help you get started toward setting up the perfect dining area on your back patio or in your backyard.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture that you choose for your outdoor dining area will really have an impact on both its appearance and comfort. Make sure that you choose a dining set that is large enough for your family and a few guests, and pay attention to the design. Many of the sets that are out there are beautiful enough to place in your own dining room, so take a look at your options until you find a set that will be truly beautiful on your lawn or deck.

2. Add Accent Lighting

The right lighting can really set the mood when you're sitting outdoors, plus it will obviously make it easier to eat and drink on late summer nights. Lanterns, candles, tiki torches, Christmas lights and more can all work together to set the mood while illuminating your backyard dining area.

3. Add Decorative Accents

Who says that you can only use décor inside your home? Small statues, stepping stones, short fences and more can all break up the monotony and make your outdoor dining area that much more attractive and inviting.

4. Add Water

If you haven't yet thought about it, you can always add a water element to your outdoor dining space for a tranquil appearance. A bird bath is an obvious choice, but you can also look into building a fish pond or adding a nice waterfall or fountain.

Landscape or outdoor lighting gives a home a more pleasant appearance at night. It improves security since it illuminates points of entry that may be used by intruder to gain access. It doesn’t have to be that bright for reading purposes, and you can use either wired or solar lighting. Both have low power requirements and can be powered by low voltage power lines or a battery charged by a solar panel. Homeowners should choose their lighting wisely because each type has its own set of advantages and cons. Outdoor solar or wired lighting: Which is right for you?

Wired Lighting

Wired lighting is available in different styles and levels of brightness to suit the needs of different people. It emits light that varies from one point to another which is very good. It is powered by a transformer that can be controlled using an automatic timer to provide electricity. It is safe to use around pets and children since it not strong enough to electrocute them.


  • It can increase the value of your property if done professionally.
  • It is expandable.
  • Casts beautiful light.
  • Allows homeowners to enjoy more hours outdoors.
  • Can be wired on decks to give direct and great light for your grill.
  • Easy to install and safe to operate.


  • It requires timers to reset with daylight savings.
  • The wiring needs repair if it gets damaged.
  • Bulbs may burn out and need replacement.

Solar outdoor lighting

Solar lights use LEDs that last longer than the traditional bulbs. They have small solar panels that send direct current charge. It is the most energy efficient and requires no requires no wiring.


  • Requires no wiring.
  • More energy efficient since it uses the energy of the sun to recharge batteries.
  • Easy to install.
  • Costs nothing to operate.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Not subject to sudden burnout or failure.


  • Can’t be used to illuminate large areas for socializing and grilling.
  • Ineffective in shaded areas.
  • Its lighting is dim and doesn’t cover much ground.
  • The solar panel needs frequent cleaning.

If you need help deciding which choice is best for you, consult professional landscapers with lighting experience, like Outdoor-FX in Columbus, Ohio. 

Tips When Deciding on Landscape Lighting Placement

Written by  | Friday, 09 May 2014 20:20

When deciding on landscape lighting placement in your garden, you should be careful to place the lights in the right areas so you can access enough light, and so it will shine to almost all parts of your garden. If possible, you should try and place outdoor lighting in places where there are no obstructions.

If you’re unsure, contact experts in landscaping like Outdoor-FX in  Columbus, Ohio , who can advise you on the right areas for you to place the lights. This is simply because placing the lights in a location where they will fail to serve you optimally, it will lead you to failing to achieve the value of your money you may have used to install the lighting system. The following are tips for you to achieve the best in deciding on landscape lighting placement:

Install the lighting in a place where the bulbs will not be affected by rain water.

For the lights to shine in your garden they have to be powered by electricity. To avoid cases where the lights will fail to serve you well and where you might end up repairing them more often, then you need to try and install them in places where the wiring system will not be affected by rain water.

Ensure you install the lighting system in areas where they will not be affected by trees in your garden.

In your garden there are trees which help in providing shade. For you to avoid cases where you will be affected by the shade of the trees, you need to try and install them in places free from where there are trees in your garden. You should also install them in places where you will avoid any interference from buildings in your garden which may block some lights hence affecting their performance.

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