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“Your Premier Builder of Beautiful Patios in Columbus”


OutDoor-FX provides a wide range of patio and hardscaping products, and over 20 years of design expertise and experience, to transform your patio into a beautiful & long-lasting outdoor living space.


Transforming your patio into a haven of beauty and relaxation


After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be refreshing to be able to relax in your very own outdoor haven at home? Turn your current patio into an outdoor space where you can recharge and relax! Let OutDoor-FX transform your patio into a new and elegant outdoor space for dining, leisure and entertainment.


Adding style, appeal and taste to your patio


Adding a look and feel that bridges the natural outdoor environment and your home’s design style is important. Here are three main patio types that can really tie things together and give your patio a new appeal, appearance and taste:


1. Brick patios – Brick adds that authentic feel and style to your patio. OutDoor-FX offers a wide range of brick products from a variety of raw materials and top manufacturers. Brick comes in both rectangular shapes, as well as curved or geometric shapes. You can also use brick for your patio light posts, columns, retaining walls and patio steps. Thinking of building an outdoor fireplace in your patio? Brick is the right product for it.

2. Concrete patios – Concrete is so versatile and flexible and can be as decorative as it is functional. Concrete patios can be embossed with a variety pattern and texture styles – from brick, flagstone, granite tile and even wood. Thinking of updating your outdoor pool deck? Stamped concrete is your quick and beautiful solution.

3. Paver patios – Paver blocks are the most popular patio and hardscaping material for their bond-free construction and beautiful installation patterns. Pavers are rectangular patio building materials that are made from cut stone like granite, sandstone, slate, Belgian block or from pre-cast concrete. You may also use pavers for your patio steps, paths and walkways, as well as driveways.


    A cornucopia of patio designs and possibilities


    OutDoor-FX has a vast cornucopia of design possibilities for transforming your patio into wonderful new outdoor living spaces. A dedicated OutDoor-FX Designer will be assisting you every step of the way and you will be able to see your patio design in advance with the use of our custom CAD Design software. You can choose from a wide range of fixtures and patio features such as outdoor lighting systems and fireplaces, to extend the use of your patio from daytime and into the quiet hours of your evening.


    Your Columbus outdoor design specialist


    OutDoor-FX is one of the leading outdoor design and build experts in Columbus and central Ohio. You can be confident in the design and work done to transform your patio into an outdoor venue that’s perfect for dining, relaxation and entertainment. You can count on OutDoor-FX to finish your new patio with the highest quality possible. And when it’s finished, you just might forget for a moment you’re looking at your new patio and not someone elses design to be featured for an outdoor design magazine.


    • Your patio is not just another part of your home’s exterior; it’s an outdoor living space you can escape to for some quiet time, or to entertain family and friends.


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    Good morning,

    I just wanted to say how pleased we are with our patio. We have had so many neighbors stopping by admiring it! They even commented about Robert sitting on the ground picking up all of the rocks that were in the grass from the gravel for the patio. We were so impressed that even this task was seen as necessary to do when completing the job.

    Thanks again for adding additional beauty to our home ! We will definitely recommend your company !

    Rating: 5
    Cheryl M.